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Tina Shaw Therapist and Coach London ImageImagine waking up each day feeling happier and more confident. To be truly comfortable with who you are and able to fully actualise the best version of yourself.

As a qualified Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, I can help you achieve that, so if you'd like to enjoy more of what life can offer...


Testimonial ~ C.W. from London

Anxiety Testimonial ImageBefore I met Tina, I wanted to feel 'normal' without panic attacks or anxiety and I am happy to say that I do feel normal and generally positive about life.

The recordings helped me to cope with being burgled, thankfully I don't feel like a victim I just know I need to be more vigilant and take charge.

Thanks for helping me to get my inner life back!

By Embracing my Vulnerability I Found my Power

Once I accepted all of the many aspects of myself, I rediscovered my connection to the world, my creativity and my confidence. Accepting our many aspects of self can bring gifts beyond our wildest imaginings.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, incomplete or lacking then you may have disowned parts of yourself that could be the key to a greater sense of balance and freedom in your life.

Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Life Coach in London & Essex

Have you been trying to resolve an issue that’s been limiting your life for too long? Or perhaps you’ve recently had a difficult time that really knocked your confidence or left you feeling lost?

As a fully qualified and experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, I can help you! 

Do you worry that you’ll never be able to live your life the way you really want to? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be free of your problem? How much better each day could be if you just found a way to resolve what it is you struggle with the most?

Using my skills as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, I’ve helped people like you change their lives.

Client Testimonial

Tina’s excellent knowledge and use of some very clever therapy techniques has helped me turn around my relationship and my life and I am most grateful for her help.

Tina is empathetic and yet professional, discreet and really dedicates herself to helping her clients.

I would highly recommend Tina to anyone who needs personal help with their life.

A. D. from London

Cognitive Hypnotherapist Tina Shaw

About Tina Shaw

As a passionate Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, I believe that I can help you fully realise the very best version of you.

Using my skills and techniques, I want to help you create an environment within yourself that supports and encourages that potential.

I recognise that it takes courage to share your personal thoughts and feelings with me, which is why I admire and respect that courage and honour it by providing a confidential and compassionate service.

My training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist was completed under Trevor Silvester, the founder of The Quest Institute and Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

My qualifications include the NCFE approved Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma and NLP Master Practitioner Certification.

I also love being a part of the Quest community and often assist on their training courses, as well as running their magazine “Perception”.

More about Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) is an evidence based model that draws from a wide range of modern approaches to therapy. This also includes the use of a unique hypnotic language called WordweavingTM created by Trevor Silvester. Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy allows me to create a truly unique program for each person who comes to see me.

The most common regret people who come to therapy have is that they didn’t take action sooner. Get in touch and find out what’s truly possible when you work with a professional hypnotherapist and coach.

Increase your overall happiness and enjoyment of life

Be free from those things that hold you back

Begin to feel normal again and take control of your life

Feel comfortable in your own skin

Express yourself in an authentic way

Become more confident and more fulfilled

Work with a therapist who can adapt to suit your individual needs

Cognitive Hypnotherapy explained in 3 minutes.

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Qualifications

Project You Life Coach

Project You can help you understand what drives you, what excites you and why, how your unique way of being and thinking is just the thing you need to achieve your goals. How to be brilliant at being you and have easy access to a state of flow that keeps you motivated and moving in the right direction.

Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs ~ Maximise Confidence ~ Enhance Motivation ~ Increase Focus ~ Create a Winning Mindset

If you would like to experience more flow, more meaning and more success in your life, then start with Project You Coaching.

Location: Greater London

Close to M25, A406 and M11 with easy parking available on the street. For public transport the venue is located near to Debden Central Line London Underground Tube Station and Bus Routes No. 20 and No. 167.

Visitors strictly by appointment only.

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