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Tina Shaw Therapist and Coach London ImageImagine waking up each day feeling happier and more confident. To be truly comfortable with who you are and able to fully actualise the best version of yourself.

As a qualified Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, I can help you achieve that, so if you'd like to enjoy more of what life can offer...


Testimonial ~ C.W. from London

Anxiety Testimonial ImageBefore I met Tina, I wanted to feel 'normal' without panic attacks or anxiety and I am happy to say that I do feel normal and generally positive about life.

The recordings helped me to cope with being burgled, thankfully I don't feel like a victim I just know I need to be more vigilant and take charge.

Thanks for helping me to get my inner life back!

By Embracing my Vulnerability I Found my Power

Once I accepted all of the many aspects of myself, I rediscovered my connection to the world, my creativity and my confidence. Accepting our many aspects of self can bring gifts beyond our wildest imaginings.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, incomplete or lacking then you may have disowned parts of yourself that could be the key to a greater sense of balance and freedom in your life.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in London and Essex

If you need professional help in making the most of who you are and what you have available to you, Cognitive Hypnotherapy could be the answer…  

If you’re searching for someone who can guide you through any personal or professional struggles you may have and give you some tools to manage life’s ups and downs, you found the right place.

It may be that you want help with a particular event that you feel has held you back, or had a negative impact on your life. You may not be aware of any significant event but you still find yourself struggling with certain things or lacking in confidence.

Perhaps you want help losing weight or stopping smoking. There can be many things that prevent us from having the life we really want but change is possible and utilising Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a great place to start.

You can rest assured that you are not the only one who struggles from time to time – we all do, including myself, and so just as I rely on Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help me with my journey through life, you can too.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein

Client Testimonial

Tina helped me on so many levels that it is hard to make a brief testimony.

Over the time we did the sessions, she helped me re-think and work on the way I saw things, making me question old statements that were stopping me being happier.

I can say now that I love myself more and I feel more fulfilled. I am less of a perfectionist, able to accept my body. With Tina’s help I got rid of my IBS and now deal better with stress and my work relations.

S.R. London

What happens during your sessions?

We begin our journey by exploring the problem or issue that you’ve been facing, as well as discovering the vision you have for your life once your problem is resolved.

This will involve a series of questions and discussions that help us to create a bespoke course of cognitive hypnotherapy sessions to suit you.

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Following on from that...

We will invest our time looking at events, emotions and beliefs at the heart of your issue and use techniques to help transform, re-frame or dissolve anything that is keeping you stuck with your problem.

This can involve working with past events, exploring present ways to transform or control the issue, and taking a peek into the future and making sure yours is one you can start to look forward to.

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Our journey of self-discovery is a never ending one...

But our time together is aimed at providing you with the resources and confidence you need to continue your journey outside of the therapy room. So we will work in such a way that we can be confident that the positive changes you are making are going to continue long after our brief time together, whilst knowing that the therapy door can remain open should you need it again in the future.

Slide 3 of 7… Next Slide… Dealing with life as it happens

Dealing with life as it happens

Sometimes people get the occasional surprise during their journey – whether that is events that come up during our time together, or the therapy itself raising new levels of awareness.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is flexible and creative enough to respond to any changes of direction required to ensure you get the best possible results.

Slide 4 of 7… Next Slide… Wordweaving The Science of Suggestion

Wordweaving - The science of suggestion

Many hypnotherapists use standardised scripts aimed at the problem – such as weight loss or low self-esteem.

I don’t believe in this one size fits all approach.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy aims suggestions at the unique relationship you have with your problem, whilst guiding your unconscious towards making the reality you want, well a reality.

Throughout our journey together you will experience the use of this bespoke hypnotic language, and receive a tailored self-hypnosis download to listen to between your sessions.

Slide 5 of 7… Next Slide… You are a vital component to success

You are a vital component to your success!

It’s safe to assume that you recognise your engagement during the sessions is a very important element to your success.

I’m not there to solve your problem for you, I’m there to help you resolve it for yourself by acting as a skilled guide in the process.

Your success is determined by your commitment and consistent effort, just as much as it is mine.

Slide 6 of 7… Next slide… Therapy happens between sessions

Therapy happens between sessions

Just as much of your therapy will happen between sessions as during them.

After all real life isn’t happening in my room, it’s happening outside at home, work and anywhere else you hang out. 

So you will receive tasks and exercises to do between sessions to consolidate the work we do and encourage more permanent change.

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Why Commit to Cognitive Hypnotherapy Sessions?

My most successful clients are those who commit to a journey of self-discovery and change.

If you are looking for a magic wand to fix all your problems, then I suspect you know deep down that’s not the way life works, it’s not the way successful therapy works either.

My aim is to maximise your progress in the shortest but most realistic time possible. Most people begin to notice real positive changes within three to six sessions.

For many this can lead to the realisation of what’s truly possible when you invest in yourself in this way and some opt to do further work as a result.

The Research Project

Over the last few years a group of Quest Trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists and their clients have taken part in a research project.

As a result, in the September 2015 issue of the Mental Health Review Journal, a peer-reviewed article comparing Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy with national results for the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme suggested that….’QCH may offer a brief effective treatment for clients with clinically significant levels of anxiety and/or depression, widening client choice’.

This is a wonderful and unique achievement demonstrating the robustness of QCH as a therapy model. In an average of six sessions, 71% reported themselves recovered, compared to 42% of people using other IAPT therapies.

Quest is committed to demonstrating effectiveness, one client at a time, and in doing so we believe we are setting the standard in transparency.

This article also highlights the little known fact that dropout from treatment in statutory NHS services is so high that it’s hard to really have any confidence in the outcome of statutory treatment.

QCH is positioned to offer a real alternative and we are working hard to bring this to the attention of both the public and the commissioners of services.

The full article can be found here:

A pilot investigation of Quest Institute Cognitive Hypnotherapy services using Improving Access to Psychological Therapies as the benchmark

William Peter Andrews, Andrew Alexander Parsons, Heather Rawle, Julie Gibbs. Mental Health Review Journal 2015 20:3, 199-210

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