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In the past two blogs, I’ve shared my thoughts on developing your Aware-Self and your Intuitive-Self. Today I’d like to share my thoughts on connecting with your Creative-Self.

I know many of you will not consider yourself creative, and some of you may be highly creative. The truth is everyone has the spark of creativity in them, even if that isn’t at the level of creative genius such as Beethoven or DaVinci. Having said that, how would you know if you never tried? Imagine that? What if you were the next creative genius and never knew it. If you have started to imagine that scenario, then you’ve just witnessed your creative spark. If you ever imagined worlds that weren’t your own, conversations with someone before you’ve had them, a different sort of future, doing a different kind of job, then again, you have witnessed your creative spark. So, put your doubts aside for a moment and let’s explore what your creative-self can do for you.

How Does it All Fit?

If we step back a moment and consider your aware-self in this context, your aware-self is the self that can catch important moments; it can help you become increasingly aware of what serves you and what doesn’t. When your aware-self knows what it is that you need and what it is you don’t, your intuitive-self can begin to guide you towards what serves and away from what doesn’t. In many ways, your intuitive-self will be your guiding light. So how does your creative-self fit into all this?

You use your imagination all the time in and out of your awareness; you imagine one thing or another. How terrifying it will be to go on that course on your own, what if no one talks to me? How amazing and beautiful that trip to the Spice Islands will be. Our brains are hardwired to imagine a range of possible futures, near and far. Through more mindfulness practice, we can become increasingly aware of the types of things we imagine. Your aware-self can begin to alert you to those things that you are creating in your life that are not serving you. Your creative-self can help you change the way you imagine your life to improve the experience you create, to be something better.

When Life Hands You Lemons

We all have moments where every rubbish thing possible seems to happen. How we respond to that determines what we create from it. If I were to take the position of imagining that the universe is against me, what do you suppose I’m going to notice moving forward, the blessings or more rubbish stuff. If I were to imagine that these events are there to serve me in some way, help me become stronger and wiser, what do you suppose I’m going to notice moving forward? It doesn’t matter whether the universe is out to get me or presenting me with an opportunity. Only how I choose to imagine it matters because what I imagine is what I will attract to me, imagination is like a magnet.

If you look at the world around us, you can see evidence of the power humankind has to create. We’ve been imagining possibilities and then building them since the dawn of our existence. As a result of our imagination medicine has advanced and we’ve travelled to the moon just because someone imagined it was possible. Our imagination and desire to create is also behind some of our more destructive endeavours, which are draining our natural resources. As with any power comes responsibility and that doesn’t just mean global responsibility, that means being responsible for ourselves. After all, change begins with the individual taking action; change happens when we imagine that change is possible.

However, let’s not try to change the whole world just yet. When learning to work with mindfulness, intuition or creativity, we want to build and develop the skill gradually. Over time we can begin to apply what we learn from that to bigger and greater things.

Use Your Imagination to Change Your State

Let’s start from the inside out. Often the thing we have the most control over is our internal state. Using your imagination to change your inner state can make a remarkable difference to your external experiences. Something I do with clients is called a spacial anchor, which does just that, changes our internal state and in turn affects our response to our environment, which often changes the way the world seems to respond to us. A typical use of this system is to imagine a shield, a sphere of some sort that allows all the good stuff in but all the shit stuff, the stuff that isn’t helping or serving us to bounce off. It’s a simple thing to imagine, and in a session, we would take it further than that, but just the act of imagining something like that every day can be a potent creation.

Are you Lucky?

An experiment was carried out where a £10 note was placed on a pavement reasonably visible. People were asked if they considered themselves to be lucky or not. Then they were asked to walk down the street, without knowing that money was there to find. In the main, those who felt they were lucky saw the cash and picked it up. Those who didn’t feel they were lucky didn’t notice it.

My husband is the luckiest man in the world and not just because he’s married to me. 😊 He finds money everywhere, just the other day he pulled out his lucky money jar and I’m sure over the time I’ve known him he’s found well over £500 in coins and notes. Whom you imagine yourself to be, what you imagine your life to be like, is what you create.

Harness the Power of Your Creative Self

I’ve recently started wire wrapping crystals and lava stones. I use the lava stones as a means to apply a smell anchor. This is where we link a smell with a particular state or feeling. My imagination recently took the idea further, to imagine that the lava stone has all the power of a volcano, the energy of fire and heat. In my mind, the lava stone wasn’t just a smell anchor, but a little piece of powerful magic imbued with everything I wanted that anchor to be about, so not only did the smell activate something within me, but seeing the stone, touching the stone would too. There’s real magic in recognising the power of your imagination.

You can check out my Lava Stone Pendants and Smell Anchors Here

You’ll be surprised at how much you’ve already created in your life, without really thinking about it that way: Projects at work; relationships; adventure holidays or the most supremely relaxing holidays; a home that feels like home. If you can imagine it, you can create it. As adults, we often lose that sense of magic we have as kids. Tap into the childlike wonder of what is possible. Be willing to wholeheartedly throw yourself into the idea of magic, of creating something using the power of your mind, the power of your imagination. Don’t take my word for what is possible because so much is, and you could have so much fun exploring this idea.

Even Superheros Take Time to Master Their Abilities

I suggest you start with the smaller things, what if I imagined that I could write a song? Or my watch had the potential to slow time? What if I imagined I was the luckiest person on the planet? The calmest person on the planet? Pick something you want to change or affect positively in some way. Throw yourself into the idea of being that person and creating that change.

The secret to success is continuous, wholehearted focus and a willingness to act on your imagination. The more you practice using your imagination in this way, the more you’ll realise just how much you could do now.

Bring Some Magic Into Your Life

Once we’ve built our belief in our ability to be more self-aware, more intuitive and more creative through these aspects of self, our three amigos can help us see more clearly, guide us towards better choices and help us create a more magical life.

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