What is the difference between Confidence and Self-Esteem?

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we don’t do fixed labels. So, the only thing that matters to me when you come through the door is what confidence or self esteem means to you.

However, it’s an interesting question and for many people it can help to have a clear distinction.

Self esteem can refer to your feelings of self worth, how much do you value yourself? Are you a worthwhile person? How do you feel about yourself? It’s not uncommon for me to ask a client how much do you like or love yourself?

The answers to these questions can reflect your level of self worth or self esteem.

Confidence reflects how you feel about your abilities.

So, you may be confident doing maths but not public speaking. People will often feel confident in some situations or doing some activities, whilst not so confident in other areas – even the most confident people you know don’t feel confident all the time, in all situations.

Someone with high self-esteem can still lack confidence in their ability to do maths or learn a new language. In the same way someone with low self esteem can be very confident in their ability to learn a new language or do their job.

Self Esteem and Confidence

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help to change negative beliefs and feeling you have about yourself and help you to develop more positive ones that increase your self-esteem. It can help to provide you with resources and access to useful mental and emotional states so that you can take action towards becoming more confident.

Are you experiencing low self esteem?

If you are experiencing low self esteem I would consider that to be a reflection of your relationship to yourself. We would work to address any negative beliefs you have about yourself so we can improve that relationship.

If you are experiencing low confidence in one or more areas of your life, then I may focus more on helping you build resources that help you take steps towards improving your confidence in those areas.

Low self-esteem can lead to low confidence in some areas of life and so it may be that we work with one then the other. As someone with higher self esteem is more likely to be comfortable building resources and taking actions that improves their confidence in whatever areas of life matter to them.

Client Testimonial

Tina has made such a difference to my life. I now feel so good about myself that it’s difficult to understand how I ever got to the state I was in when I first saw Tina.

L.C. from Essex

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