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Discover How Your Mind Can Change What Diets Can’t.

The mind and body are connected that is a fact.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy helps you with your weight loss goals by creating the changes in your mind that will create the change you want in your bodyweight.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, I can help re-educate your mind to get the results you want.

Your beliefs about yourself and about food play a key part in whether you can reach your goals.

This is why seeing a professional therapist can help, as those core beliefs are often outside our conscious awareness.

These beliefs are often being driven by a powerful unconscious force that keeps us stuck in an unhappy place.

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Weight Loss diets don’t work

Weight loss diets are rarely nutritionally sound. What’s more, they don’t deal with the psychological and emotional aspect of your weight issues, which is why they don’t work long term.

In fact, they can even make matters worse not just in terms of weight gain but also in terms of your mental and emotional capacity to cope with life’s ups and downs.

That’s not to say that you can eat junk food every day and your mind will keep you slim. The mind guides your choices based on it’s past perceptions.

We can help to change the choices your mind makes to ones that best fit your goals. This is done by changing past misconceptions about who you are and what food does for you.

Weight Loss isn’t about willpower, willpower is finite for everyone. Your mind however is an infinite source of a different kind of power.

That power so far has guided you towards a lifestyle that has created your current battle with your weight. We can use that same power to guide you towards a lifestyle and body weight that you can enjoy to the full.

It’s time to start living life the way you really want to and become the person you want to see looking back at you in the mirror.

Weight Loss is 80% what you eat and 20% Exercise.

Dealing with the issues present in your mind that cause negative eating habits is key to success and a lot of that work will be done at the level of the unconscious.

However, you also need to know what a healthy lifestyle really is. Sadly,  many highly intelligent people are misinformed about how the foods and liquids you take into your body support your overall health and affect your weight.

Equally there are a lot of misconceptions about the role of exercise in weight loss.

Here’s a few things you may not know or forget to consider:

Food and some beverages create fuel that your body needs to survive. All food is converted into glucose, a form of sugar, in the body. What we don’t use then becomes stored as fat.

Some foods release glucose slowly and some fast, the slower the better. Slow release means more time to burn that fuel before it becomes stored as fat.

Slow release also means a better hormonal balance in your body, which decreases the risk of several diseases, and increases overall feelings of wellbeing and balance.

If you want to follow a guided eating plan to help you become better informed about foods that are helpful in your goals.

I recommend the Low GI diet. It’s not necessarily the best eating plan for everyone, there is no such thing.

It is however a sustainable and well balanced eating plan, that is simple to follow.

I recommend Rick Gallop’s books because he considers things that some Low GI books don’t that can be counterproductive.

Once you understand the principles of this eating plan, it can almost become an unconscious and effortless choice and you will not go hungry ever or find yourself bored.

Understanding your body

Most of your body’s fuel requirements come from the natural processes happening within your body whether you stay in bed all day or exercise.

Exercise burns very few calories relatively, compared to what your body burns naturally by doing nothing. However, exercise still has a role to play in weight loss and wellbeing.

The right forms of exercise can increase your metabolism, by the way it increases the amount of muscle in your body compared to fat, this means you become more efficient at burning calories in the long term.

So, the more muscle you have the more efficient your metabolism becomes. Therefore, an athlete can eat a lot of pretty much anything and not gain weight, because they have a large proportion of muscle in their body and little fat, this increases the amount of energy the body burns naturally during the day.

If you are overweight and carrying more fat than muscle, that one slice of cake after the gym is going to be counterproductive because your body is not yet burning fuel as efficiently as you’d want it to be to deal with that slice of cake.

Don’t become obsessed…

Finally don’t obsess about weighing yourself. Your weight varies naturally every day depending on so many things that have nothing to do with how fat you are or how slim you are.

If you must weigh yourself do so naked at the same time on the same day and no more than once a week.

Muscle weighs more than fat and if you are going to lose fat and gain healthy muscle instead, you could find you drop a dress / suit size before you begin to lose weight.

For any of this to count, first we must address the mental and emotional battles at the root of your weight issues.

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