Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you combat fears and phobias

Is your fear or phobia limiting your life? Do you find yourself avoiding certain situations or places because of fear?


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You wouldn’t be the first person to choose their work or career path based on not having to do public speaking or presentations.

Pick holidays and adventures where you are not likely to have to deal with snakes or spiders. Avoid destinations that mean having to board a plane.

Sometimes we are not even aware that we are avoiding things because of fear, until something of great enough importance comes along. It’s at this point we know we have to do something about the thing we’re frightened of.

What are fears?

Fear is a natural response to threat and an essential safety mechanism. However, irrational fears are what create limitations in our lives.

Often people begin to realise how their life could have been different, better, if their unconscious hadn’t led them away from certain things because of fear.

The longer you leave it the more of life you could potentially miss out on. Not only that but these things tend to escalate with time, so taking action sooner rather than later is always going to be a benefit.

Fear becomes a phobia when we have an exaggerated response or sense of danger towards a situation or object. So, if those around you don’t respond in the same way as you to the situation or object that frightens you, then it may be time to consider getting help.

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Understanding phobias

Phobias are usually linked to a specific event, trauma or they can be a learned response from an adult or older sibling in early childhood.

In many cases, the significant event is much smaller and less traumatic than you might think. The phobia has developed because your more infant mind misinterpreted the event as scarier and more threatening than what it was.

Even if you know your fear of Chihuahua’s is irrational, you still may find yourself squealing at the sight of one, running and hiding, or leaping into your friend’s arms for safety.

This is because your unconscious is now in the driving seat. It believes that Chihuahua is a genuine threat, because after all one bit you unexpectedly when you were five, and yikes did it hurt and it was so scary.

At the age of five your mind doesn’t rationalise that perhaps just because one bit you, doesn’t mean they all will. It believes all Chihuahua’s are vicious creatures who threaten your happiness and existence. It may even extend that belief to all dogs.

Phobias and fears can often be address relatively quickly and painlessly, it can even be fun. You will never be forced to face your fear, just helped to be in a position where it is no longer a fear to be faced.

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