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Tina Shaw Therapist and Coach London ImageImagine waking up each day feeling happier and more confident. To be truly comfortable with who you are and able to fully actualise the best version of yourself.

As a qualified Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, I can help you achieve that, so if you'd like to enjoy more of what life can offer...


Testimonial ~ C.W. from London

Anxiety Testimonial ImageBefore I met Tina, I wanted to feel 'normal' without panic attacks or anxiety and I am happy to say that I do feel normal and generally positive about life.

The recordings helped me to cope with being burgled, thankfully I don't feel like a victim I just know I need to be more vigilant and take charge.

Thanks for helping me to get my inner life back!

By Embracing my Vulnerability I Found my Power

Once I accepted all of the many aspects of myself, I rediscovered my connection to the world, my creativity and my confidence. Accepting our many aspects of self can bring gifts beyond our wildest imaginings.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, incomplete or lacking then you may have disowned parts of yourself that could be the key to a greater sense of balance and freedom in your life.

Project You Life Coaching in London and Essex

Project-You(t)If you would like to experience more flow, more meaning and more success in your life Project You Life Coaching is what you need.

Do you ever have the feeling that within you is an untapped potential waiting to be unleashed?

You are not alone in that feeling but it’s surprising how few take up the challenge of really fulfilling that potential through the use of Life Coaching.

One of the most common issues that comes through my door is a fear of failure and perhaps to your surprise a fear of success. The two are often connected and can be a strong force that holds you back from the life you want to live.

I know I’ve felt that force but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Project You Life Coaching gives you the opportunity to really power through any limiting beliefs or fears that may be getting in your way, so you can unleash that potential and create a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Client Testimonial

A great listener, she inspired confidence, put me at my ease and got to the heart of my issue. Because to my surprise, I discovered it wasn’t just my writing flowing better. It was my life.

Thanks to Tina I was becoming more relaxed, confident and authentic. I was beginning to feel a greater sense of ease at work. My relationship with my partner – already good – was deepening. And I began developing a new closeness with my friends as my fun side came out to play.

V. C. London

Life Coaching is a Natural Progression from Therapy.

I often find that Life Coaching becomes a natural progression from Therapy as we learn to recognise our own worth – our value.

It’s amazing how different the world we live in becomes as we begin to reap the benefits and changes that Cognitive Therapy creates within us.

Having an understanding of how we fit into this new way of experiencing our world – as the best version of you begins to emerge – can be an important part of your long term success, and Life Coaching is a very big part of that.

Whether you sign up for Cognitive Hypnotherapy or Project You Coaching – you are likely to get a bit of both.

However, for those of you who want to invest in a deeper exploration of your potential; or have a vision for your life that doesn’t match your current reality, a goal that just hasn’t been met yet, then Project You Life Coaching gives you the best chance of changing that and you may want to choose the Project You coaching plan.

Inspirational Videos

Grit and Consistent Determination is all You Need.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Success isn’t born from riches, knowing the right people or having a pretty face. Yes, these things can be an advantage but so can many other things.

Together, using Life Coaching as a foundation, we can figure out exactly how we could use what you already have to generate more of what you want. We can work to build the kind of mindset that successful people have.

Creating an exceptional life is possible for anyone and everyone willing to invest their effort, their grit and consistent determination because that is all you need.

How does Life Coaching work?

Project You Life Coaching can teach you how to develop those key resources and qualities that mean you are always moving in the best direction, not only that but a fundamental aspect of the work we do together will be to ensure that you enjoy the journey along the way.

Project You Life Caching is an investment in you becoming the best version of you, in any given moment.

For those of you who don’t want to get to the end of your life and say those awful words… if only…

This is a journey that takes courage because you are signing up to facing your best self and walking in those shoes – it’s not for everyone, but it is possible for anyone.

Discover more…

Project You: Coaching Performers; Artists and Creatives.

Harness your talents and potential with Project You: Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Coaching performers is something I am passionate about. It’s not an easy world to be in and so I admire those who go the extra mile to make their passion a reality. Project You and Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you do just that.

Having worked as an actor I recognise the struggles involved in a performers journey. It’s all glamorous and fun when the job is on. BUT … what many of your friends and family may not realise is just how hard it is to get that job in the first place. Seeking work is quite literally a full time job, and doesn’t pay. Performers are often given a reputation for being lazy, when quite the opposite is true. Rejection is common even for the most talented artists and performers. So by the time the audition or interview comes around your confidence and belief in yourself can be quite low. On top of that there is always those occasional blocks that most performers have to some degree or at some point in their career.

Project You Coaching can help you:

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs and creative blocks.
  • Build your confidence and self-belief
  • Give you access to your best performance states, right when you need them.
  • Tools to help manage your nerves to an appropriate level.
  • Bounce back from rejections.
  • The drive to persevere and enjoy all aspects of the journey.
  • Get ready for an important audition or performance.
Project You: For Sports Performance

Find out how your mind can transform you game.

Many successful sports people, use their mind as much as their body to perfect their skill. Your mind isn’t capable of determining a difference between what you imagine and what you do. We can use this to our advantage in sports. You can be the best in your field in your mind and through this we can train your unconscious to bring that skill into reality.

Once we know what you want to achieve you can learn to identify the conscious steps you take that represent an improvement or success and learn how to focus on those steps in such a way that they become an unconscious habit. Getting you out of the way and entering into a flow state so your unconscious can do the work for you.

Project You Coaching can help you:

  • Learn how the mind can help you develop your skill.
  • Develop a structured way to practise that improves your performance.
  • Practise makes permanent so make sure you learn to practice the right way.
  • Identify and let go of limiting beliefs, images, thoughts that have a negative impact on your performance.
Project You: The Art of Learning

Turn your mind into an unstoppable learning machine.

This is an area that is close to my heart. I struggled at school and spent most of my life believing I was stupid. In fact, it’s only really been in the last 5 years that I’ve truly got rid of that belief. I clearly remember a colleague at work making a comment in which they stated I was intelligent, honestly I nearly keeled over with shock.

What I’ve learned as a result of the therapy work that I do, is that everyone is different in the way they learn. Schools teach us about different topics but they don’t actually teach us how to learn. So if you feel this is an area of life that is holding you back please get in touch.

Project You Coaching can help you:

  • Together we can identify your unique learning code. A way for you to successfully study and take in information that is specific to you.
  • We can get rid of those beliefs that you can’t learn or that you’re stupid.
  • Build your confidence in this area as I know from my own experience feeling stupid or unable to learn can really knock your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Make learning fun and enjoyable.
Project You: Relationship Coaching

Love Birds Coaching – Learn how to live with the one you love.

Many relationship issues boil down to the way individuals experience and perceive the world around them. We have a habit of expecting our way of seeing, hearing, doing and thinking to be the same as everyone else but it’s not necessarily the case. This can have a big impact on long term relationships.

How many times do you hear couples saying it’s not the same as it was in the beginning, I don’t know who you are any more, you used to like it when I did that, or why don’t you do that anymore? You don’t appreciate anything I do? This is what can happen when the love googles stop having an effect on you and we don’t understand why the person we fell in love with is no longer meeting our expectations. Love Birds coaching can help you understand and use that knowledge to bring you closer together.

When our relationship is good, we feel loved, valued, understood and close to our partner, when the relationship is struggling often all or some of these components seem to be missing.

How does Love Bird coaching work?

Love Birds coaching can give you insights into your relationship that enable you to renew what is important to you both.

Trevor Silvester has written a wonderful book called “Love Birds – How to live with the one you love” I recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about maintaining happy and successful relationships. It’s not like most books on this subject, you’ll find Trevor’s writing style to be enjoyable and fun. This book can truly transform your relationship, helping you to understand how to demonstrate your love and appreciation for your partner in a way that fits their perceptions, rather than your own. Click the image to purchase the book from Amazon.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can also help individuals and those who may experience related problems such jealousy, intimacy or confidence issues.

Are you ready to experience more flow, more meaning and more success in your life?


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