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I’m always proud to present Perception – The Cognitive Hypnotherapy Review. Perception is a free online magazine aimed at anyone interested in self-development through Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I have the good fortune to be responsible for editing this magazine each quarter, filling it with a wide range of content from my fellow Cognitive Hypnotherapists’.

It really is free – no strings, no ads and you only subscribe if you would like to. Obviously I’d love it if you did subscribe because it lets us know you enjoy our magazine and would like to receive it in your inbox each quarter, plus you get a free thank you for subscribing gift if you do. AND you can take advantage of Perception here whether you sign up or not. We hope you enjoy the read.

Perception Winter 2019 Issue 29


  • Embracing Vulnerability by Christina McDonald
  • I’m Sixty – Is It All Over? by Trevor Silvester
  • Supporting the NHS by Sandra Roycroft Davis
  • Get to Know: Christina McDonald

Perception Autumn 2019 Issue 28


  • Are You Holding On or Letting Go by Trevor Silvester
  • Why Cognitive Hypnotherapy? by Brooke Hender
  • What Do Your Blueprints Say About You? by Lee Payton
  • Get to Know: Ben Willens

Perception Summer 2019 Issue 27


  • Exploring the Shadows by Trevor Silvester
  • Change Takes Commitment by Lesley Hibberd
  • Marriage – The Survival Guide by Lesley McCall
  • Get to Know: Emma Wood

Perception Spring 2019 Issue 26


  • What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us by Lee Payton
  • Something Bigger by Juliette Cockell
  • Bitter-Sweet Mindfulness by Trevor Silvester
  • Get to Know: Christina Cooper

Perception Winter 2018 Issue 25


  • Tree Uprooted by Melanie Phillips
  • How to be Certain About Uncertainty by Christina McDonald
  • Create the Right Time for Change by Trevor Silvester
  • Get to Know: Sandra Roycroft-Davis

Perception Autumn 2018 Issue 24


  • Addiction Illusions by Deniz Mehmet
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences by Dawn Walton
  • Change Who You Are by Trevor Silvester
  • Get to Know: Metaphors with Nicolai Elberling

Perception Summer 2018 Issue 23


  • The Disappointment of Personal Development by Trevor Silvester
  • Embrace Your Space by Christina McDonald
  • Don’t Fear Change, Change Your Fear by Brooke Hender
  • Get to Know: Rainforest Minds with Lucinda Leo

Perception Spring 2018 Issue 22


  • Lessons From A Dog #231 by Trevor Silvester
  • My Friend Stress by Al Stone
  • Cannabis: Addiction or Dependence by Deniz Mehmet

Perception Winter 2017 Issue 21


  • The Double Age Rule by Nicolai Elberling
  • On New Year’s Day, I faced My Worst Fear by Dawn Griffith
  • Turn Failure into Success by Trevor Silvester

Perception Autumn 2017 Issue 20


  • Vision Quest by Michelle Williamson
  • Real Hope for Smokers by Cathy Simmons
  • Life is Hard by Trevor Silvester

Perception Summer 2017 Issue 19


  • Change Yourself Because by Trevor Silvester
  • Relationships by Gabrielle Csaszar
  • Mr. Wolf by Sharon Wallerson

Perception Spring 2017 Issue 18


  • Be Your Destiny’s Parent by Trevor Silvester
  • Don’t Kill Your Dragons by Eve Parmiter
  • Five Statements by Chloe Cook

Perception Winter 2016 Issue 17


  • Small Steps to Big Achievements by Gemma Holmes
  • Confidence the Power to Change by Maria Richards
  • What is Therapy? by Trevor Silvester

Perception Autumn 2016 Issue 16


  • The Problem with Love by Trevor Silvester
  • Your Best Interview Mindset by Lynne Wilkins
  • Arachnophobia by Sarah Ariss

Learn more about our evidence based approach to therapy.

Perception Summer 2016 Issue 15


  • Difference Makes the Difference by Trevor Silvester
  • Problems come from our Past, not our Present by Dawn Walton
  • Tales of the Unexpected by Lesley McCall

Perception Spring 2016 Issue 14


  • Spin Cycle of Everyday Life by Maria Richards
  • Can One Person Make a Difference by Lesley Hibberd
  • The Magic Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone by Samantha Grant

Perception Winter 2015 Issue 13


  • Face Your Fears by Lesley Hibberd
  • Limited Loop of Beliefs by Jackie Bastin
  • All You Need is Love by Sally Heady

Perception Autumn 2015 Issue 12


  • The Rejection Advantage by Rachel Moore
  • Talking for TED by Kirsty Hanly
  • Time Travel to Success by David Hanby

Perception Summer 2015 Issue 11


  • Woop! Woop! by Ronn Thwaites
  • Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality by Dawn Walton
  • Ready Aim Fire! by Trevor Silvester

Perception Spring 2015 Issue 10


  • Create the Headspace for Ideas to Flow by Dawn Walton
  • Another Dr. Martin by Lottie Wadsworth
  • You Can’t Get On with Everyone… or Can You? by Elizabeth Donegan

Perception Winter 2014 Issue 9


  • Thinking Slimmer by Sandra Roycroft-Davis
  • You Can Choose Your Friends but… by Lesley McCall
  • Words on the Way by Trevor Silvester
  • And Sleep by Maria Richards

Perception Autumn 2014 Issue 8


  • Finding Flow by Chloe Cook
  • Nearly Always Look on the Bright Side of Life by Rebecca Silvester
  • Life After the Military by Mike Towndrow
  • The Stress Factor by Harshani Curbishley-Brown
  • Running – The Uphill Battle by Nick Jenkins

Perception Summer 2014 Issue 7


  • What Are You Scared Of? by Dawn Walton
  • Cool Ideas for Hot Women by Pat Duckworth
  • Work in Progress by Suzie Moon
  • Be More Like a Dog by Lesley McCall
  • Achieving Freedom by Hazel Gale

Perception Spring 2014 Issue 6


  • Raising Kids with Special Needs by Lesley McCall
  • The Freedom of Restraint by Trevor Silvester
  • Sports Hypnosis by Hazel Gale
  • Signature Strengths by Chloe Cook

Perception Winter 2013 Issue 5


  • Have You Lost Your Christmas Sparkle by Kirsty Hanly
  • OCD Am I Going Mad? by Brenda Cox
  • An Injection of Positivity By Dave Thompson
  • PTSD and Trauma Recovery by Sian Robinson
  • Sexual Dysfunction by Nick Jenkins
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