Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking and Beat Addiction with a Science Based Approach

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with a range of habits and addictions, anything from nail biting and thumb sucking to stopping smoking and combating alcohol. However, it is not recommended that you attempt to resolve more than one habit at a time. Habits and addictions are behavioural responses to internal and external triggers, they are not who you are and they don’t have to continue to control your life.


Your Craving Brain

What’s interesting about addiction is that some of the internal triggers are physiological, most people who are experiencing addiction aren’t aware of the changes that have occurred in the brain. These changes facilitate the struggle to stop smoking or any other addiction that you know is bad for you. Simply put your brain doesn’t think it’s bad, in fact your brain thinks it’s essential to your survival. Understanding that your craving isn’t a weakness in you, but a misguided survival system can be very empowering. Here’s a video to explain the science, don’t worry it’s in layman’s terms.

stop smoking

Are You Ready To Take The Next Step?

Dealing Your Habit Triggers

Other internal triggers can be old memories, limiting beliefs and stories we tell ourselves, thoughts or emotional triggers. External triggers would be environmental triggers such as who you are with, what you are doing or where you are. All of which can be resolved using a variety of Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques. Download this diary to help you identify your triggers. The diary includes some suggestions to help you remove some of the triggers you may have, others are likely to require the assistance of a trained therapist.

Please be aware that some potential internal triggers may need to be addressed separately to ensure the best long term success in your smoking cessation plan or other addiction treatment plans.

Do you believe you can do it?

Let’s change the story your brain is telling you to one where success is inevitable.

If we recap your brain has been tricked into thinking the smoking or other addictive substance is necessary for survival. It’s going to scream and shout and resist taking that away, in the same way you’d struggle if someone tried to starve you of oxygen. This isn’t a thing that needs to stop you stopping smoking or any other addiction. Now you know that this struggle isn’t your fault, it’s part of a misguided survival system, you’ve already won half the battle. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you claim the flag by providing techniques, tools and a tailored hypnosis download to combat any other beliefs or stories you may have about your habit that once stopped you, from stopping – Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you re-educate and re-wire your mind. It’s doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think with the right help you can be free.

Safe Guard Your Future

Once we’ve cleared out anything that has prevented you from stopping the behaviour or addiction you currently have, it’s important to safe guard your future. Many people worry that by stopping one habit they may form another, or put on weight etc. This doesn’t have to happen because the very patterns that caused the sequence of behaviour and addiction, are those we are going to change – you just won’t be that same person by the time we are finished. You may not yet be aware of who you are without those patterns that currently control your life; so part of your treatment plan will involve identifying new ways to fill those gaps to discover what is possible beyond addiction. The new you that emerges beyond addiction can begin to live a life of purpose and meaning.


Are You Ready To Take The Next Step with Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

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