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Tina Shaw Therapist and Coach London ImageImagine waking up each day feeling happier and more confident. To be truly comfortable with who you are and able to fully actualise the best version of yourself.

As a qualified Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, I can help you achieve that, so if you'd like to enjoy more of what life can offer...


Testimonial ~ C.W. from London

Anxiety Testimonial ImageBefore I met Tina, I wanted to feel 'normal' without panic attacks or anxiety and I am happy to say that I do feel normal and generally positive about life.

The recordings helped me to cope with being burgled, thankfully I don't feel like a victim I just know I need to be more vigilant and take charge.

Thanks for helping me to get my inner life back!

By Embracing my Vulnerability I Found my Power

Once I accepted all of the many aspects of myself, I rediscovered my connection to the world, my creativity and my confidence. Accepting our many aspects of self can bring gifts beyond our wildest imaginings.

If you feel that something is missing in your life, incomplete or lacking then you may have disowned parts of yourself that could be the key to a greater sense of balance and freedom in your life.

Tina Shaw – Evidence Based Therapist in London & Essex

Finding the right therapist or therapy for you can be challenging

I know, I tried to do it once and it was hell! I couldn’t believe how hard it was to get the scope on what’s out there and what’s likely to be my best hope for achieving exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

I hope that I can give you the confidence you need that means your search can end here.

My own search for a therapist

After training with The Quest Institute, I realised I had some issues of my own to deal with. I did deal with some of that with a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist. But out of curiosity I went looking for a therapist that wasn’t within my current field or circle. That was when I discovered how challenging finding a therapist is. And I ended up back with a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist, despite thinking it might be interesting to experience a different type of therapy.

The thing is when we as a therapist set up our websites we often forget that you may not have the knowledge we do about therapy and how to find the right therapy or therapist for you. My own search really opened up my eyes to this. So, if you want to have a chat with genuinely no obligation or push to book, please schedule a call back for free.

Evidence Based Therapist

You can see from the chart that QCH (Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy) is a leader for change in anxiety and depression. What about everything else? Well we’ve not done the research on that yet. BUT I believe that our success in this area has nothing to do with the labels Anxiety and Depression. And everything to do with our approach to therapy, and that is we don’t have an approach to therapy, we have an approach to people.

You Are More Important Than the Issue You Want to Resolve!

What does that mean?

It means that I won’t try to squeeze you or your issue into a model of therapy that doesn’t fit you as a person. I won’t look at a label and determine a course of action based on predefined processes or a one-size fits all script for that label. I tailor everything I do around you as a person. I talk. I listen. And I use a vast range of skills and knowledge about how the mind and body plays a part in your struggle. I then help guide you towards the change you are looking to create, because I know you have within you everything you need to resolve your issue.

I felt completely at ease within minutes of meeting Tina and felt that I could be truly honest with how I felt at my very first appointment with her. Just this in itself, I feel is such an important factor when seeing a therapist.

A. S. from Essex

Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy (QCH) can make a difference

QCH has changed me on so many levels but at a core level it’s changed how I feel about myself. My inner confidence and approach to life is so much bolder than it once was and my relationships with others are more meaningful. I feel so much more connected to people and to the world I live in that life just gets better and better. Even if life takes a turn for the worse as we find at times I’m so much better equipped to cope with it.

I really hope that us working together could bring you so much more of what you want from your life.

My Qualifications

My therapy training was completed with The Quest Institute and I was privileged to train with the founder of Quest and Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester.

The qualifications I hold include the NCFE approved Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma and NLP Master Practitioner Certification. I’m also a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and The Complementary and Natural Heath Care Council.

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