Have you witnessed or suffered from a traumatic event?

Would you like help recovering from that trauma?

What would it mean to be free from the negative affect it has on your life?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you to make that recovery, which means you no longer suffer from the symptoms brought on by a traumatic event.

Together we can help your mind to process the event more effectively, so you can begin to move forward with your life again.

Trauma Therapy London

Everyone responds to trauma differently. What one person finds traumatic another won’t and vice versa.

So, if you’ve been experiencing intrusive thoughts, images, flashbacks or nightmares relating to a particular event or series of events, then help is available.

It’s often the case that our minds don’t have the background experience to know how to process the event so that we can move on.

Therefore, we can find ourselves struggling to cope with it. We find the memories and after affects intruding in our lives more than we would like, perhaps leaving us wondering if we will ever fully recover.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for trauma uses specialist techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMI (Eye Movement Integration) and Fast Rewind together with the use of bespoke hypnotic language.

This helps you reprocess the way the mind stores traumatic memories and experiences. As a result, they no longer have the negative impact they once did on your life.

The videos below provide some insight into the techniques mentioned.

However, Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy offers a bespoke therapy system. This means that the use of these techniques may vary in format and be combined with others to best suit your own unique needs.

Warning: Contains Explicit Language

Client Testimonial

After the initial session, she quickly got to work on addressing my issues and had a near immediate impact on my personal wellbeing.

I was impressed with how Tina took the time to prepare a number of mild hypnotic downloads specifically tailored for me.

There was a continuity to our sessions that I haven’t seen from other therapists. Tina was always able to pick up from where we left off, giving that sense of continuous progress.

A. D. London

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